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Doo-Dah Fence Company

We are located in Wichita Kansas. Our purpose is to help our customer to get their vision. We serve from large projects to a small section of fencing we all do it. We want you to give your input so your project is completed just as you envisioned it. The reason we are different from our rivals. Is that the company owner actively involves in your fence project from start to finish. Our company has a step by step work, from walking the job. Hence, to make sure that the design and scope of work properly estimate. We personally meet with our dealer monthly to make sure that the quality of materials maintains our high standards of quality. In this way, we will build in their own homes.

Traditional Wood Fence

Basically, Doo dah fence company is one of the popular fencings in both placer and Kansa County. With an excellent choice is wood fencing for privacy, security and noise reduction. Hence, we have endless possibilities for styles. Most popular are:

  • Traditional DogEared
  • Top Cap and trim
  • Board on Board
  • Shadow Box

For you to have own quality fence contact your local fence companies near you. Thus, Doo dah fence company is an expert in all kinds of fence and gates in all areas.

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Vinyl Fencing

This is stylish for any home. Thus, we offer various colors and a fine distinction that will make this wonderful fence your own. Hence, we provide different kinds of vinyl fencing that includes:

  • Vinyl Ranch Rail, Privacy Fencing
  • Picket Fences and more

For our fence installation cost estimator call us and our expert fence estimator and workers will surely help you in all your needs. Our vinyl fence does not get rust, mold, and it never needs to repainted and less maintenance. Hence, Vinyl Fence is available with different heights and styles, for home and business area. Again, you may ask us for a custom vinyl fencing for home and business area.

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Iron Fencing

You choose iron fencing for beauty and security. This kind of fence is a steel product that is powder coated gloss black. For residential, grades are available with sizes from 3 feet to 6 feet tall. As for business grades come from 6 feet to 8 feet. Our company is easy to find for fence installation near me that you can trust. Thus, with full and latest equipment we can accommodate almost all kind of fence and gates from home, business and industrial area.

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Automatic Gates

Thus, this gives security and convenience. You don't have to get out of your car in the rain to open your gate. Hence, our company forms all our gates custom to the job in our shop. Our products range from the simple to the decorative iron gate that opens by a transmitter, keypad. And, has timed open and close, with safety loops to anything in between. We can accommodate custom gates that our customer wants their own design. Thus, if our customer knows more about us you may visit our office or call us. As you call us, we will set out attention and meet all your needs for your fence and gates.

Why Choose Doo-Dah Fence Company?

With years of repairing, planning, and building fences in and around the area of Wichita, Doo-Dah Fence has become one of the leading Wichita fence companies. Like all businesses, we started as a small company growing by word of mouth, serving friends and family, and doing only residential fences. Fast forward over years of hard work and community building, and we’re now covering commercial fencing as well and growing fast. We’ve done our best to focus on the most important aspects of our business, namely the quality of the job and our customer experience, and it’s paid off. Getting here wasn’t easy, and now that we’re here, we intend to carry our momentum into the future and continue to grow and improve our fences. Please feel free to check out the site and then call us when you’re ready to discuss getting your fencing needs serviced in the best way possible.

What Type of Fence is Right for Me?

We love fences of all types and sizes. They have the capacity to add comfort, style, privacy, and safety to your home and business. From keeping children or pets in to keeping predators or critters out, they can do it all. Residential and commercial. Anyone looking to build a new fence has a lot of options to choose from based on their specific needs in their circumstances, but you do have a few major broad options to consider based on need and budget. Doo-Dah Fence Contractors in Wichita have always stood by the opinion that a real expert is happy to teach and discuss their field, and at our site here we want to make sure to do our part in providing information and guidance for our customers. We hope this page provides some helpful information, and we encourage you to give us a quick call if you have any questions or want to discuss your fencing needs.

1. Wood Fence – The Staple of the Fencing Industry

It probably comes as no surprise that wood is the leading material.. It’s the oldest and most fundamental construction material in the world and despite the advent of many other popular materials, it retains unique advantages. First, it looks beautiful and natural with options you can choose to enhance it like staining and sealing or choice of wood species (cedar, pine, oak, etc). Secondly, it’s incredibly strong and flexible, and very customizable. If you want to shorten this piece or make a tweak to the fence design your fence company can pretty easily oblige. In short, wood fences are still the classic go-to fence type. They are strong, people love them, and they’ve never gone out of style–and probably never will. A great fence contractor never forgets their roots in wood fence.

2. Vinyl Fence – A Great Option

A great option to consider is vinyl. Technically called Polyvinyl Chloride (or PVC) it’s a strong, durable, and highly customizable material that could be just the right thing for your project. Yes, it’s a synthetic material. Yes, it’s a form of plastic. But don’t think it’s cheap plastic like what you might get with a $.002 trinket. This is quality PVC that is actually nearly 5 times stronger than wood, and can be made in any color you want, with a myriad of designs and styles. Whether you want a nice picket fence or a colored fence to match your home, you can pretty much choose what you want. Just give your fence contractor enough time to order it in if you want a more rare design or color.

3. Chain Link Fencing – Great for Utility

Chain link fences have been around for years and are fantastic fences for practical purposes. Simply put, they do their main job of either keeping things in the yard or out of the yard. They’re also good for securing a commercial location, a construction site, and temporarily restricted area, or other areas in your business location, but nobody’s going to write home about how nice they look. They’re pragmatic, effective, and cheap. They typically require far less maintenance than other fence types, as we said they are cheaper than the other types, and construction time is quick and rather painless.

Should I repair my fence or should I replace my current fence?

It used to be that repair was the go to response for any damage to something, but times have changed. Back then, repairing was usually cheaper than just replacing the fence. Nowadays, costs for new fence materials have been so constricted by the great supply of resources and tools that sometimes the repair job is far less cost effective than simply attempting a repair project. Good fence contractors will be able to diagnose and assess whether the best course of action is for you, just make sure you get one that seems to know what they’re talking about. Our general rule of thumb is that if 20 percent or more of the fence needs to be repaired, you’re generally better off just replacing the whole thing. The last thing you want to do is to repair a fence that’s naturally deteriorating and have to continue doing repair again and again. Better to replace it with a strong, new fence that will last for a long time. If you’re thinking about a new fence, this is actually one of the best times to take the plunge and make it happen. At the end of the day, regardless of whether you’re looking to repair a fence or replace one, you can always call Doo-Dah Fence in Wichita. We have been proudly serving the area for years and delivering excellent results our customers love. Call today to discuss your fence project.